Our Team

Bruce McLaughlin headshot

Bruce McLaughlin

Founder and CEO

With decades of specific industry experience, Bruce offers TSG clients his extensive knowledge about how to get the most out of your staff. He has led The Survey Group for more than 30 years.

Bruce's expansive work in HR has included development of innovative industry surveys and the analysis of complex compensation data sets that inform corporate decisions. Using this data and his industry experience, he developed The Survey Group's consulting practice providing insights to companies in the manufacturing, technology, healthcare, commercial and academic industries. As someone with first-hand understanding of the challenges and demands HR professionals encounter, he expanded TSG's services to respond to an underserved niche in the industry.

Bruce's mission with TSG has always been to provide HR professionals, hiring managers and executives with the most extensive, high-quality and reliable employee compensation and benefits data in New England. TSG's depth of knowledge in this region is unparalleled within the industry.

Bruce advises TSG's client HR professionals on base compensation and incentive programs for executive, sales, managerial and professional personnel. He established a program of professional development seminars in the areas of compensation, benefits, performance management and other HR related topics. Seminars were designed to be half day and affordable to accommodate the busy schedule and limited budgets of HR professionals. He also established a service which provides prevailing wage data to immigration attorneys throughout the country.

Bruce holds a BA from Northeastern University in Business Management with a focus on Human Resources. In addition to leading TSG, Bruce has been active in the community having served on the boards of various financial and non-profit institutions. He also held elected public office as the State Representative of Salem, Ma, where he advocated for local community growth and business development policies for Salem and Massachusetts.

Steve Boyce headshot

Steve Boyce

VP Consulting Services

Steve Brings to TSG his broad background in Domestic and Foreign compensation. His experiences included presenting a wide range of compensation plans for all levels of an organization (Board of Directors, Top Executive, Division Head and Managers). The compensation plans developed included all incentive plans, stock grants, expatriate executive compensation and employee base pay. He has also designed and implemented a wide range of compensation and benefits programs for high tech, financial, manufacturing and public utilities organizations.

Prior to joining The Survey Group, Steve held managerial positions at Entegris Inc., Citizens Financial Group, Bay State Gas and GTE.

Steve earned an MPA from the Whittemore School of Business and Economics at the University of New Hampshire with a minor in Labor Economics, a BS in Public Administration Summa Cum Laude from Nichols College, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Central New England College.

He has taught at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and Nichols College as an Adjunct Professor. In addition, he has also conducted professional seminars for The Survey Group on development and design of compensation programs, sales incentives and Expatriate compensation.

Joan Curtice headshot

Joan Curtice

Human Resources Consultant

Joan Curtice is a Human Resources Consultant with twenty-five plus years' experience implementing compensation and benefits programs which result in legally compliant HR functions. She has specific experience in both established and fast paced start-up high technology and biotechnology organizations. As part of her work, she often conducts HR audits and investigates allegations of inappropriate workplace behaviors.

TSG clients find real value in Joan's approach to their specific legal compliance concerns. Her work helps support employee and company growth. Joan has designed successful recruitment strategies and provided high volume recruitment efforts in diverse environments such as the biopharmaceutical and semiconductor industries, software development and Internet commercialization sectors.

Using her expertise in the field, Joan develops policies and practices that create proactive Human Resource environments.

Joan has been published in a range of industry journals on topics ranging from employee benefits to legal compliance. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Management from Lesley College and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Northeastern University. To hone her skills and meet specific client needs, she has taken Harvard University's Basic Mediation Training Program.

Maryann O'Keefe headshot

Maryann O'Keefe

Survey Manager

As Survey Manager, Maryann helps TSG do what it does best - deliver the high-quality surveys that our clients trust, to help them improve their respective businesses. Since joining TSG in 1998, Maryann plans, directs and coordinates every aspect of the TSG member surveys, from initial questionnaire design on through to delivery of final results. In addition, Maryann heads our Affirmative Action Plan consulting practice and provides customized AAP consulting to client organizations.

Maryann boasts over 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Compensation. While she is a go-to authority on survey design and compensation analysis, her expertise also extends to salary administration, competitive market/job analysis and affirmative action plans. Prior to TSG, Maryann had a successful 10-year stint at Converse Inc., holding a variety of human resources positions along the way.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Merrimack College and is a participant in Cornell University's School of Industrial Labor Relations Affirmative Action certificate program. In addition, she is a member in WorldatWork and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Terri Dignan headshot

Terri Dignan

Resource Consulting Manager

All of our TSG clients have had the pleasure of working with Terri Dignan, TSG's Resource Consulting Manager. Terri leads the Member Services Team that provides the industry-leading research on compensation, benefits and general human resources to the companies we serve. Terri has also worked as the manager of our Member Surveys in which she directed and coordinated all aspects of TSG surveys.

Terri's experience includes more than 20 years in compensation consulting in a wide variety of corporate organizations. She excels in the design, implementation and administration of all types of compensation programs, from benefits to variable pay. Prior to joining us at TSG, Terri held compensation-related positions at Eastern Bank, BankBoston and Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

Terri has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In addition, she is a Certified Compensation Professional (CCP) through WorldatWork and is an active member of the New England Compensation Consortium and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Deborah Blackwood headshot

Deborah Blackwood

Prevailing Wage Consultant

Since joining The Survey Group in 1998, Debbie has worked as a Prevailing Wage and Resource Consultant, specializing in providing wage research services for specialty occupation positions that relate to immigration (H1B and PERM/Labor Certification).

Debbie has worked with a variety of companies along the east coast over the past 20 years, with responsibilities related to job evaluation, market research, HRIS, and the development and administration of various pay programs. Pre-TSG, Debbie built her career at New England Life and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of New Jersey, as a compensation consultant.

Debbie majored in Human Resources and Labor Relations at Northeastern University and is a Certified Compensation Professional through WorldatWork.

Jeanette McLaughlin headshot

Jeanette McLaughlin

Administrative Director

Prior to joining TSG, Jan had a lengthy and successful career as a Systems Analyst/Programmer with the technology company Perkin Elmer. There she provided technical support to all major departments including engineering, manufacturing, accounting, and HR.

With her knowledge of accounting, database tracking, and management, she assists the Survey Group's team in managing its processes, records and member services support.

After graduating from Gibbs College Jan began her business career with General Electric in their computer operations and manufacturing areas. With the passage of time, she has gained experience in accounting, sales, and database administration.

Melanie Taylor headshot

Melanie Taylor

Office Manager and Senior Survey Specialist

An invaluable part of the TSG team, our Office Manager and Senior Survey Specialist, Melanie Taylor, keeps all the moving parts of our company running smoothly and efficiently. With 23 years of service at TSG, Melanie coordinates everything from survey distribution to TSG events to member communications.

Paula DeSisto headshot

Paula DeSisto

Accounting and Senior Survey Specialist

Paula DeSisto, our Accounting and Senior Survey Specialist, makes sure that the gears in the numbers side of The Survey Group keep turning. While her responsibilities encompass many aspects of the business, including survey administration and customer service, her primary role is in wrangling all things accounting-related.