Seminar Descriptions

Below please find descriptions for some of our past seminars. Please refer to our updated Survey/Seminar Schedules for more information about our seminars.

Benefits Administration for the Human Resources Generalist

Benefits have long since moved from the fringes to the mainstream in the modern corporation. They can easily represent up to 40% of payroll costs. This seminar is designed to provide the nonbenefits specialist with a complete overview of benefits in today's corporation.

Introduction to Compensation Management

This seminar is specifically designed to develop an understanding of the basic principles of compensation management. It will leave seminar attendees with knowledge of job evaluation systems, salary survey analysis, salary range development, paying for performance and salary administration. Attendees will also gain an appreciation of the strategic issues which affect compensation policies and procedures.

Modernizing the Performance Review Process

In theory the performance reviews are intended to improve performance, hold people accountable and develop employees. In practice it does none of these things. Instead, managers and employees dread the process. HR dreads enforcing it and leadership tends to devalue it. Not much has changed from when it was first introduced. Sure there are on-line performance tools, but they've largely taken an old fashioned process and automated it (and made it more costly). If we only had a better form and process that felt like it was helpful. Guess what? You can. See how to take what you have now and cut it down to a one or two-page form that replace the "let's just get this over with approach" into a process that will add value for all PM stakeholders.

A New Look at Diversity and Inclusion

All of us have a role in creating inclusive organizations. With organizations becoming increasingly diverse, we as human resource professionals are likely to find diversity and inclusion issues surfacing frequently and unexpectedly when we work with the staff of our organizations. To be effective in the diversity arena, we need periodically to examine our own diversity assumptions and be prepared to address diversity and inclusion from both individual and organizational perspectives. Whether you work as a diversity professional, an HR generalist, HR manager or have responsibility for organizational culture change and strategic planning this session will provide you increased diversity awareness, examples of intervention choices, and implications for compensation decisions. This is an opportunity to examine and enhance your role as ally and advocate for inclusionary behavior and inclusive organizations.

Principals of Compensation - Intermediate

Develop a more comprehensive understanding of the principles and policies of compensation administration. Develop an expanded knowledge of job evaluation systems and salary administration structures as they pertain to equitable compensation policies and practices. Gain an appreciation of the strategic implications of trends in compensation policy and administration for short-term and long-term business planning.

Sales Compensation

Companies are constantly seeking effective ways to drive revenue generation through well designed Sales Compensation programs. Well designed sales incentive plans motivate and energize the sales force to deliver the value proposition to customers and clients while driving in revenue and profitability for the company. This seminar will cover the principles of designing and installing successful Sales Incentive Compensation programs.

Employment Law

This program will provide an update on the many employment laws impacting Massachusetts employers. It will focus on changes to the laws and regulations themselves, as well as highlights of agency interpretations and court opinions. Courts decisions, interpreting our various employment laws, often determine the meaning of those laws and how they should be interpreted and applied in the workplace. The Employment Law Update will focus on helping you comply with new and existing employment laws and regulations.

Important Developments in Labor Law: What All Employers Need to Know Now!

Many employers mistakenly assume that developments in labor law or under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) do not affect them or their workforce. In this seminar, we will address several recent labor law developments that directly affect all employers, including those worksites that currently have union representation and those that do not.

Utilizing Surveys & Market Data

The purpose of this seminar is to give the participant a solid foundation and understanding of the nature of Market Survey's and other market data. The seminar ranges from learning the key mechanics behind surveys and typical company applications to creative applications. The context for this seminar is to learn about market data & surveys not just from a mechanical standpoint but to leverage the use of any market data as a business partner.

Advanced Compensation - Tools & Techniques

Explore some advanced tools and techniques that can be used in effective management of compensation programs. Learn how to take routine data and make it a valuable tool/asset in problem analysis, program development, program implementation and manager/employee communications. Develop an appreciation for how cultural and political issues have implications for and often hinder effective compensation programs.

Leave Laws

This program will provide both a review of the basics as well as cutting edge information about recent court interpretations involving the requirements of these laws. The program will be presented in an interactive format, including the use of hypotheticals based on real cases decided by the courts.

How to Write Effective Job Descriptions

Ever read one of your job descriptions and wonder if it's really an accurate description of what the position actually does? This seminar will help you organize, revise, and create accurate job descriptions that make job analysis, recruitment, performance appraisals, and compliance easier for your organization.

Top FLSA Violations and How to Avoid Them

The FLSA, enacted in 1938, provides standards for minimum wage and overtime pay. Despite the fact that it has been around for over 70 years, the FLSA tends to be the labor law that is most often violated by employers. Even minor mistakes or misinterpretation of the FLSA can lead to major problems for an organization, including penalties, litigation, and costly fines. This seminar will help HR professionals understand and avoid the most common FLSA mistakes so they can stay compliant and avoid litigation.

Performance Management isn't about the Forms, it's about the Conversations

A recent survey reports just 6% of managers are skilled in having candid performance conversations. Yet, one in three organizations said the ability of managers and employees to engage in performance conversations has a significant impact on company performance. The answer lies with creating a system for managers and employees to really have targeted two-way conversations specifically about performance the 11 months before and after annual reviews. The 10-minute Conversation on performance management is simple, human, informal, fast and insightful with an approach that treats employees like the grownups they are. Are you ready to modernize, humanize and rebrand performance management in your organization?

Communication Across Differences

Find out how to recognize and bridge common barriers that interfere with successfully communicating with other people in your workplace. This program can increase your skill in getting your ideas across to people whose personal style, culture and values differ from your own. Through increased familiarity with several approaches to building common ground you can reduce misunderstanding and increase the likelihood of good teamwork and productive workplace interactions.

Wage Act and Law Changes Affecting MA Employers

Update on major case decisions in employment law area, including under the Massachusetts Wage and Hour Law. This seminar will provide a short focused analysis of these decisions, useful for any human resource professional that already has foundation knowledge of the employment laws.